Kurukuru gears up for Asian tour

The Kurukuru team.

The Kurukuru national Futsal team are  in preparation to take part in the upcoming 2017 Asian Indoor Games in Turkmenistan from 15th to the 21st of September.

Kurukuru interim coach Jerry Sam told SIBC, the squad was currently training with 15 players which will be scaled down to only 10 players for the final and travelling squad.

He said the majority of the current training squad were new players, and only 5 players were from the previous Kurukuru team.

Mr Sam also said the tournament will be a crucial test for the new players to gain experience and hopefully bring new faces in preparation for the next World Cup in 2020.

“What I really want to see is for these new players to learn as much as they can from this tournament and better understand the structure of playing that Kurukuru is Renowned for,” he said.

“So far the training is good, I’m satisfied with the progress of the boys, and hopefully they will be fully ready when the tournament kicks off in September.”

He said some of the squad’s big names such as Micah Lea’alafa will not be available for the Asian tour due to national commitment on the upcoming World Cup qualifier with New Zealand.


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