Ombudsman a “toothless bureaucracy”: Opposition

Leader of the Opposition group, Jeremiah Manele.

The Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition has described the Office of the Ombudsman as a “toothless bureaucracy” that needs to be updated.

Contributing to the debate on the Ombudsman Bill 2016 this afternoon, Jeremiah Manele said the office of the ombudsmen was a window dressing Government machinery just to fulfill its constitutional provisions.

In his argument, Jeremiah Manele said the Ombudsman’s Office needed to fulfil its expected roles in the constitution.

He said the bill was designed to ensure that good governance was instilled in Solomon Islands’ bureaucracy.

“We need ensure there is continuity in the functions in the cases when the ombudsmen in cases when the position is vacant.

“(And) ensure there is more responsiveness in relation to implementing the decisions of the ombudsmen”

The 10th Parliament resumes its 6th meeting this week.

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