Labour Mobility Scheme: Recruitment Opens first quarter of 2024

Labour Mobility Scheme: Recruitment Opens first quarter of 2024


Recruitment for the Labour Mobility Scheme is anticipated to open in the first quarter of next year, 2024, according to the Minister for Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MFAT) Hon. Jeremiah Manele.

In 2021, 8000 individuals applied when recruitment opened at around august of that year. In 2022 saw an increase of around 15,000 applications received by the Labour Mobility Unit (LMU) in Honiara.

Hon. Manele adds that the Ministry is having discussions with New Zealand to establish an independent Labour Mobility Unit aiming to reduce government involvement.

“The Ministry is seeking New Zealand support as we prepare the LMU to take a more independent role from the government,” Hon Manele revealed.

He said the government saw an increase in remittance from the scheme as workers increased over the years.

“In 2020, remittance the country received is around 70 million Solomon dollars. In 2021, it increased to 115 million and it further increased to 189 million in 2022. In the first and second quarter of 2023, remittance flow into the country reached SBD 113 million,” he said.

Hon. Manele in the meantime thanked the Australian and New Zealand governments for their continued support rendered to the Labour Mobility Scheme.


By Alex Dadamu

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