Minister Tanaganda: 1708 Schools operational in SI

Minister Tanaganda: 1708 Schools operational in SI


A total of 1708 schools and Early Childhood Education (ECE) Centers are currently operational in the Solomon Islands. 

Hon. Lanelle Tanaganda, the Minister of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) revealed this in her Sine Die address on Friday when speaking on her Ministry’s achievements on increasing access to education in the country.

The education minister revealed that of the1708 schools, there are 511 ECE centers, 800 Primary Schools, 346 Secondary Schools, and 51 Rural Training Centers (RTC).

Hon Tanaganda pointed out that the increase showcased a commitment to expanding educational opportunities nationwide.

Minister Tanaganda highlighted the progress made in curriculum development, providing updates on the ongoing project in partnership with Cognition Education Limited, a New Zealand-based Professional Education Firm. 

“The curriculum development project commenced in November 2021 under contract with cognition, education limited with the aim to complete primary and junior secondary curriculum teacher and learner guides and to date, 28th book titles will be completed by the end of April 2024. 

“We want to thank the Australian DFAT, New Zealand MFAT and the Solomon Islands government for this project. 

“Mr. Speaker, just one highlight on quality education, a senior secondary education curriculum and capabilities Six-0s framework was approved in 2018. 

“Work on the senior secondary curriculum development project will commence in March 2024 and will continue in the next five years,” She revealed.

In the meantime, Minister Tanaganda emphasized the need for sustained support for education development. 

“I would finally like to highlight a few key recommendations. Education Development requires continued consistent support. It is critical for the government to attract donors and commit to effective mobilization of their resources to achieve greater outcomes. 

“The Solomon Islands government must continue with assistance with a 23% or more of the government budget to support the education sector. 

“The new Education Act requires substantial support to the education providers and provincial education coordination offices to deliver quality and relevant education service in our community,” Education Minister, Hon Lanelle Tanaganda said.


By Alex Dadamu

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