Royal Australian Navy vessel HMAS Maitland, here for border security efforts

Royal Australian Navy vessel HMAS Maitland berthed in Honiara

The Royal Australian Navy vessel HMAS Maitland is in the Solomon Islands to support regional fisheries operations and Solomon Islands’ maritime and border security efforts.

This is part of the Australia and Solomon Islands security partnership.

A statement from Australian said HMAS Maitland will conduct maritime surveillance  support as Solomon Islands prepares to receive its second Guardian-class Patrol  Boat, RSIPV Taro, under the Pacific Maritime Security Program in May 2021. 

Also, a Royal Australian Air Force C-27J Spartan  aircraft will provide aerial surveillance support across the Pacific in support of Forum  Fisheries Agencies operations.  

Australia assured the country, Maitland’s visit will be contactless, to ensure the health and safety of the Solomon Islands community in the COVID-19 environment.

“No Australian Defence Force personnel will disembark.”

Commander of HMAS Maitland, Lieutenant Commander Julia Griffin, said the  deployment reinforced our close bilateral partnership and shared maritime security  interests.  

“Australia and Solomon Islands share a strong and enduring security partnership, built on a shared vision for a region that is secure, stable, resilient and prosperous.

“We are working with the Solomon Islands government to improve maritime security in its exclusive economic zone, under the Pacific Maritime Security Program, and through regular Royal Australian Navy visits.” Lieutenant Commander Griffin said.

“HMAS Maitland’s visit will also support regional maritime security, by cooperating witto detect, deter and report potential illegal fishing activity.”

HMAS Maitland will depart the Solomon Islands on 17 March 2020.

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