The group of islands in the middle of the map comprises of Small Ngella. Photo credit: Robroy.

The group of islands in the middle of the map comprises of Small Ngella. Photo credit: Robroy.

Communities in Gaeta District, Small Ngella have banded together and say they will use people’s power to save their island’s water source from being contaminated by logging.

This follows rumors that a logging company is due to arrive in the area within the next weeks.

Chairman of the Gaeta District Community, William Vaga told SIBC News yesterday, community representatives met last week to reaffirm their position and to find ways to block logging operations from landing in Small Ngella.

He said the communities are worried that logging will destroy the island’s only water source.

“In Small Ngella we have only one water source which supplies he whole island. Therefore, once the logging activity takes place and the water source is contaminated then we will be victimised. More so, Small Ngella is just a tiny island and not a continent so that we can do logging activities on it, and that’s why we have agreed at that meeting that we totally rule off any logging activity on the island.”

The District Community Chairman adds, they have spoken to the Provincial Government about the matter but they were not satisfied with their negotiations.

He says, if their pleas fails, communities have agreed to use peoples power to block logging operations from happening in Small Ngella.

“The process so far we’ve been to the provincial government at Tulagi, we’ve met with the Premier and some Executive members but still we are not satisfied with how we’ve negotiated, and we’ve asked them to consider this issue as very serious. If this logging continues then we have our own thoughts that we must oppose it. Therefore, if it insists to operate then we will use the people’s power or people’s right to defend our resource.”

Meanwhile, the Premier of Central Province, Stanley Manetiva has confirmed he sighted letters opposing the logging from the Chairman of the Gaeta District Community.

Premier Manetiva also revealed, the Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Central Solomon has written to his office, opposing the logging in Small Ngella.

He said both letters have been passed on to the Provincial Secretary to be addressed.

“Because they are people of Central Province, so as a Premier I think I see their concern as genuine to see that it be given serious consideration and to be addressed.”

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