MMF President Charles Dausabea. Photo credit: SIBC.

MMF President Charles Dausabea. Photo credit: SIBC.

Pressure group, the Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF) has called on the government to set up a mechanism to ensure there is transparency in the road maintenance projects for the provinces.

MMF President, Charles Dausabea told a media conference this week roads in Malaita Province deserve better quality repairs than what is currently happening in Honiara.

He says the road maintenance in Honiara is not value for money, adding that the government must not engage the same contractors to fix the roads on Malaita, especially Auki town.

“Road maintenance in Honiara indicates that the money paid does not value it should for the people of Honiara. The tar used only came off the roads the next day after repairs. For this we strongly call on the government not to offer the road repairs contract for Auki to any of the contractors involving in the Honiara road repairs, which we’ve already saw their performance output. So based on that we strongly call on the government not to award contracts to any company that already performed in Honiara.”

SIBC News understands, tenders have closed and the tar sealing project for roads in Auki will start in June.

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