His Excellency Governor General and the Commander in Chief of Solomon Islands on Saturday 4th December 2021 has declared Malaita for Democracy (M4D) as an unlawful society under section 66 (2) (ii) of the Penal Code.

M4D notice at Auki in 2020. Photo Supplied/Facebook

The declaration was made after investigations conducted by Royal Solomon Islands Police Force have identified a number of persons linked to Malaita 4 Democracy had played critical roles in the recent riots.

In a statement to media, National Government added that furthermore M4D is not and has never been formally registered under any laws of Solomon Islands.

The government said M4D also played the central role in organising and rolling out the protest in Auki which saw elected Provincial Members were barred from entering the Provincial Assembly Chambers. The actions of M4D were illegal and constituted acts against the good governance of Solomon Islands.

The government added that the protest in Auki has hindered elected members of the Provincial Assembly from discharging their function under the Provincial Government Act 1997.

“This is an interference with or inciting to interfere with the administration of the law which resulted in the suppression of the constitutional rights of Malaita Provincial Members,” the government statement pointed out.

The statement added that reports from the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force have further indicated that M4D had openly advocated for the protest in Honiara and was instrumental in the escalation of the riots.

“These actions also include strategic planning by staging disruptive actions such as setting of vehicles on fire and inciting violence. Also, M4D have openly advocating for the overthrow of a democratically elected Government,” the National Government stated.

The statement added that based on the findings of the RSIPF the Governor General by virtue of his status as the Command in Chief of Solomon Islands has declared M4D an unlawful society.

The Malaita for Democracy (M4D) was seen as the pressure group for the Malaita Provincial Government (MPG) and their relationship is obvious as most of what the MPG stood for is re- echoed and amplified by M4D. 

-PM Press Secretariat


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