High rate of homebrew consumption concerns community leaders


Community leaders of Tahawawo and Mwaniqagosi in North Star Harbour, Makira Ulawa province have expressed their deep concern on the high rate of homebrew and kwaso consumption among youths and married men in their communities.

Kwaso (Home-brewed beer) making items confiscated by Police during a Police raid in east Honiara. Photo: RSIPF

The high involvement of youths in brewing and consumption of these locally homebrewed beer has caused disturbance and nuisance in the local communities. 

“It had led to youths destroying properties of other people and married men beating up their wives,” Clayford Wago said in a phone interview from North Star Harbour, Makira-Ulawa Province. 

Mr Wago said the only police station in the area is Namuga Police Station but it is currently manned by only one police officer.

As such the only officer does not have the capability to maintain law and order in the area although community leaders reported the matter to him several times.

Mr Wago said the community leaders called on the Makira Ulawa Provincial Police Authority to assign additional police officers to assist in addressing unlawful activities in these communities.

Clayford Wago reporting from North Star Harbour, Makira-Ulawa Province

“Community leaders here seek help from Namuga Police station but nothing could be done to stop the youths and men that are involved in these unlawful activities.

“As such, the community leaders called on Makira Ulawa Provincial Government responsible for law and order to send additional police officers to Namuga Police station,” Mr Wago said.

He added, the only police officer at Namuga cannot do this alone within the Star Harbour area of Makira.

by Jared Koli

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