Solomon Islands Magistrate clerk charged

A Honiara Magistrate’s criminal clerk has traded places behind his desk to appear in Court for careless driving.

Cecil Pohe was charged with one count of careless driving, one count of taking a vehicle without authority and one count of driving without a licence.

The incident allegedly occurred on June 30th. It was alleged he also hit another vehicle at Tandai, West Honiara the same day.

The vehicle Mr Pohe allegedly took belonged to the Magistrate’s Court.

The case however had raised conflict of interest issues for the Magistrate’s Court.

Both the Magistrate’s Court and the prosecutor who presided over the case yesterday had informed the Court that they would no longer appear for the case.

SIBC News understands an option to allocate the case to a Magistrate or prosecutor from the provinces in on the tabke.

The Court should receive an update about all the information about the case at its next appearance.

By Kikiva Tuni 

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