The Makira Ulawa flag. Photo credit: Wikimedia.

The Makira Ulawa flag. Photo credit: Wikimedia.

Preparations for the Banana Festival in Makira Ulawa Province is progressing very well says the chairman of the Banana Festival Committee Mr Noel Mamau.

Speaking to SIBC News Mr Mamau says preparation has been on schedule.

He says whilst there are some minor delays, he is confident the festival will start on time.

“We are currently on time and we are building stalls and performance stages and everything. The only delay we have is with the timber we’ve ordered which is slow in coming, but at this stage we still have enough time to build and complete the house before the festival.”

Mr Mamau adds the festival will commence on the 4th to 7th June.

SIBC News understands this is the first ever Banana Festival event in the province.

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