Malaita Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia. Photo credit: OPMC.

Malaita Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia. Photo credit: OPMC.

Malaita Premier, Peter Chanel Ramohia says while he agrees with government response to his earlier comments on Malaita national projects, he still questions who changed these project ideas over time.

A Think Tank Task Force on Malaita Development National Projects within the office of the Prime Minister responded to his comments by saying frequent changes on project ideas slowed down the progress of National Projects on Malaita.

But Premier Ramohia told SIBC News today, one of the reasons for the changes if true is limited involvement of the Provincial Executive who should assist push through these projects.

“The question here is that who is changing the projects over the years, who started them and who changed them, that is a question because once it’s true as a reason then we ought to know who is
responsible. Otherwise that could only be one of the reasons and there may be other reasons as well which might include the provincial government just being a spectator of the projects.”

Meanwhile, the Premier cautions members of the public against making negative comments on the issue.

“I would like to ask people refrain from making negative points of views. We are in discussion here, we are sharing our ideas, we are looking for something that will work, we are looking for solutions, and to start making irrelevant comments will not be helpful to the situation. Although we are responsible for our comments, let’s also look at all views.”

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