Malaita province prayer service first of its kind

Prayer during the service on the weekend

People praying during the service on the weekend

The first prayer and reconciliation service program of its kind took place in Auki, Malaita Province, on the weekend.

SIBC had the privilege to bring the live coverage of this service to the people of Malaita from all over the country and the world, through live streaming.

It was an emotional church service, with most in attendance strong believers in the Christian faith.

With the theme ‘to lead is to serve’ a strong message and prayers was said for the people of Malaita to reconnect with their God.

Soft background instrumental music was also provided by a youth church group in Auki, bringing more in depth feeling and emotions to the congregation whilst prayers were offered.

One woman from Arabala village who spoke to SIBC said she traveled a long way to come to Auki town to attend the program, meaning she had to spend the night in Auki with relatives.

“I was in tears when I came here today,” she told SIBC. “I said, God will do something.  God has a plan for everyone.  A plan to make you prosperous.  With that I am happy to be here today.

“My home village is far from here but when I heard the message, I said, I must attend this program.  Because I was a victim of the ethnic tension when there was no education and clinical services for our people and so I have a strong feeling to attend this prayer service for our people of Malaita.”

The service was held in Auki Hotel, on the hill tops, meaning the view was splendid.

With an open air setting but cool – because of the breeze – it was truly an emotional and meaningful service for the people who attended.

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