Man hit by vehicle and died after bashed by thieves

Man hit by vehicle and died after bashed by thieves


An injured victim was unconsciously bashed by thieves and was hit by a vehicle when trying to run across the road at the Bahai area.

The deceased later died at the National Referral Hospital.

Director National Traffic Department (NTD), Superintendent William Foufaka said the NTD of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) is investigating the fatal accident that has happened at the Bahai bus stop.

Director Foufaka said the deceased with two other friends were walking along the walk path in a westerly direction at the Bahai bus stop and met a group of boys and decided to cross the road to the easterly direction.

Superintendent Foufaka said the trio decided to walk across the road avoiding them but the three boys quickly approached them from the back and one of them grabbed a speaker (music box) owned by the deceased.

It was alleged that the deceased tightly held on to the speaker while another suspect hit the deceased on his left hand, back shoulder and fell unconsciously onto the ground.

Director Foufaka said the deceased managed to stand up after being unconscious and tried to run across the road for his life but was unfortunately hit by a running vehicle on the east bound lane.

He said the other two friends of the deceased escaped thinking that the deceased also escaped from the suspects.

The driver (defendant) in relation to the fatal accident was arrested and charged while the thieves (suspects) who physically assaulted the deceased are still at large.



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