Honiara roads reflect a sick economy: Wale

Honiara roads reflect a sick economy: Wale


FORMER Leader of Opposition Matthew Wale says the current state of our roads in Honiara reflects that of a sick government and an ailing economy.

Wale said road conditions under the leadership of the former DCGA are the worst in history.

He said whilst donor partners must be acknowledged for their contributions to road infrastructure, roads in the central business district (CDB) is an eyesore.

“It is shameful that potholes around the CDB are ignored by relevant authorities. I find it hard to understand the fact that the same spots are being maintained all the time. There is a lack of quality work and competence and yet the ministry of infrastructure sees fit to engage such contractors,” Wale said.

Wale who is also the Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP) wing leader said this is not the first time he has raised this issue.

He reiterated that it is a disgrace that even the caretaker Prime Minister and his caretaker Ministers are driving along the roads with no sense of care.

The former Opposition Leader has called on the Ministry of Infrastructure & Development to address the bad state of Honiara roads with urgency.

He said the current state of the roads is having a very negative impact on the economy, the private sector and vehicle owners.

“Our roads are in a sick state and it reflects a sick economy and negligent government and leadership. It is a national embarrassment,” he said.

Wale said it takes about two to three hours to drive from Henderson to Point Cruz and it is very inconvenient for road users.

He said the current situation is very frustrating and a huge loss to the private sector.

“We cannot continue to just maintain potholes. Our roads need some serious engineering alternative to fix it and it needs a new government that is committed and serious in addressing it,” he said.  

The SIDP wing leader said his party, if in government, would re-establish the Public Works Department (PWD).

He said this is to ensure quality, reliability and monitoring of our road infrastructures.

The former Opposition Leader said even maintenance of the feeder roads needs urgent attention.

Wale adds the roads in Makira, Malaita, & Guadalcanal are also in its worst state ever in our history. 

He said this is all due to bad government leadership.

“What happened to the millions of dollars pumped into road maintenance in Honiara and around the country? The road infrastructure in Honiara and around the country is nothing but a failure because of the corruptive practice in awarding road maintenance contracts,” he said.



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