High Court of Solomon Islands. Photo: SIBC

High Court of Solomon Islands. Photo: SIBC

A man is standing trial at the High Court for raping his fifteen year old niece in November 2012, at Leo Creek in Honiara.

He was also charged for assaulting her two weeks after the alleged rape incident took place.

The accused pleaded guilty to the assault charge, but denied the rape charge.

According to the rape allegations, he forced the victim to have sexual intercourse with him inside the bedroom she was sleeping.

This happened during the night at her brother’s house.

The victim testified before Court this morning, she woke up in the night to go to the bathroom when she saw the accused standing inside the room.

She said it was dark and difficult for her to see his face but claims she recognized his voice when he spoke to her.

She said he threatened her with a knife, took off her clothes and raped her.

The trial continues at the High Court.

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