MP for East Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare. Photo credit: Parliament.

MP for East Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare. Photo credit: Parliament.

Parliament Member for East Choiseul Manasseh Sogavare has topped the parliament attendance list in two consecutive parliamentary terms.

Attendance data from the ninth Parliament show, MP Sogavare attended 168 out of the total 175 sitting days in the 9th Parliament.

Meanwhile, Transparency Solomon Islands International is the first to congratulate Mr. Sogavare for his commitment in attending parliament sittings- representing his constituents.

It says MPs cannot be the voice of their people in national debates if they are not in parliament during debate times.

His runners up are member of Parliament for Central Kwara’ae Hon. Jackson Fiulaua who attended 166 sitting days and East Kwaio MP, Hon. Stanley Sofu with a total of 165 sitting days.

The Parliamentary data reveals, only eight members of parliament have attended more than 90 percent of the total sitting days during the life of the current house.

It further show, only three MPs attended less than half of all sitting days.

TSI says, constituents deserve to know how their Parliament member performs in the 9th Parliament so they make informed choices on polling day.

SIBC understand, the 9th Parliament has been officially dissolved as of today’s date and a caretaker government will oversee government businesses until the next government is elected.

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