Matanikau River, roadside drainages now the remaining focus of ‘Safe & Green Games Campaign’

Matanikau River, roadside drainages now the remaining focus of ‘Safe & Green Games Campaign’

The remaining focus of the national Government-led Safe & Green Games Campaign will be a massive cleanup along the Matanikau River and the roadside drainages within Honiara City. This will happen before the arrival of first Pacific Games visitors into Honiara, on November 14th, 2023.

Chairman of the National Hosting Authority (NHA) and Secretary to Prime Minister (SPM), Dr Jimmie Rodgers announced that the final focus of the cleanup campaign will take place this Friday, with efforts focused specifically on the Matanikau River. This section of the river has become a major problem for the city, and an eyesore for visitors and residents alike.

“This Friday, the focus is that we tackle Matanikau River. So, we will be going around to all government ministries, private businesses and mobilise. Therefore, we are calling on whoever that has canoes, outboard motors, and other machines to come to Matanikau River.

“The goal is to clear the river of garbage and debris, and restore it to its natural beauty and function,” Dr Rodgers added.

He further stated that the next focus area for the cleanup campaign will be the city’s drainage systems. These drains are a major cause of the flooding that happens in the city during heavy rains, and they need to be cleared and maintained.

A vehicle pictured when driving through the flooded Kukum-SDA roundabout.

“We have already discussed with the Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) and they will be taking care of the drainage cleanup next Friday. A group will be clearing sands from the drains to ensure water runs into the drainage systems instead of flooding the roads,” the SPM said.

As Dr. Jimmy Rodgers notes, the success of these efforts depends on the cooperation and collaboration of all stakeholders, from government officials, Honiara City Council (HCC) and private businesses to ordinary citizens who care about their city which will host the 17th Pacific Games from 19th November to 2nd December 2023. –ENDS//

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