Government approves Solfish Company to do Nickel Prospecting in Makira

Mining companies are eying to do mining operations in the Eastern part of the country.

                                          Wabanamȇu Point, East Makira| Photo SIBC News

This came after the Mines and Mineral Board granted nickel prospecting license to Solfish Company to do operations in East Makira.

The Director of Mines confirmed this to SIBC News.

“We have approved a prospecting license for Parts of East Makira, an application by the Lee Kwok Kwen Company called Solfish Company.”

Mr. Biliki says, another mining company has applied for bauxite Prospecting in Santa Cruz island in Temotu Province.

“There’s an application for prospecting for bauxite in Santa Cruz in Temotu Province which is currently with us. But we are yet to deliberate on it before passing it to the mines and mineral board for deciding on it.”

The miners applied for Nickel and Bauxite mining in Makira and Temotu provinces.

Meanwhile, Onesmus Mare of Wainoni in Makira where the miners applied for prospecting license says, Solfish Company has forced them to sign the prospecting agreement under duress.

“We were taken to Kirakira to sign up our land for mining prospecting. When we were there, the Asian asked us to sign up our land, and if we don’t sign, we won’t be given $500 dollars just to sign up our land for mining.”

“Some of us who refused to sign don’t receive the funds, and have to find our way home.”

Solfish Company has been granted a prospecting license to mine certain parts of East Makira.

SIBC TV is yet to get comments from the Solfish office as to when it will start its operation.

by Charley Piringi

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