Residents near the Matanikau river as viewed from Skyline. Photo credit: SIBC.

Residents near the Mataniko river as viewed from Skyline. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Mataniko River Rehabilitation Program under the Ministry of Environment will soon conduct waste management training and awareness programs for communities living along the Mataniko river.

This is part of the initiative to clean up the Mataniko river.

Coordinator of the Mataniko River Rehabilitation Program Debra Potakana said the training will focus on the importance of keeping our environment clean.

She says it will be delivered to people living near the Mataniko river.

“We are planning a Waste Management awareness and education training for the communities that we work with them along the Mataniko river so we are targetting community leaders for this training and it is just an awareness training designed in a way to give them awareness on the different components of why it is important to manage our waste inside the community and to look after our environment.”

Ms Potakana adds plans are also in place to launch a Green Clean Community competition next month as part of the waste management training program.

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