Australian Justice Minister, Michael Keenan MP. Photo credit: Keenan.net.au.

Australian Justice Minister, Michael Keenan MP. Photo credit: Keenan.net.au.

Australia’s Minister for Justice, Michael Keenan has praised the enduring support of RAMSI and Australia to the Solomon Islands’ Law and Justice sector over the past 10 years.

The Justice Minister made these comments after his arrival yesterday in Honiara.

A statement from the Australian High Commission Office in Honiara said Australia has worked closely with the Solomon Islands Government to strengthen its justice institutions since 2003, contributing around 17-million dollars to the sector in 2013-2014.

Speaking yesterday Mr Keenan congratulated the Solomon Islands Government for the great strides it has made in strengthening and maintaining law and order throughout the country.

He said the justice sector has come a long way in only a decade, adding every agency is now led by a Solomon Islander and the number of staff in the sector has increased.

The Australian Justice Minister adds, it is also pleasing to note that the Solomon Islands Government is prioritising the need to address the shortage of magistrates.

Meanwhile, Mr Keenan also noted the strong achievements of the Ministry of Police, National Security and Correctional Services in reforming correctional services.

He said Correctional Services Solomon Islands, CSSI, is one of the success stories, adding that all corrective facilities now meet standards set by the United Nations, rehabilitation programs are available, juveniles are housed separately, and opportunities for women employees have expanded.

Australia has committed 44-million dollars under its current four-year phase of support to the justice sector.

The support will assist the Solomon Islands Government strengthen the capacity of its justice institutions to deliver services, particularly in rural areas, while also promoting gender equality and ending violence against women.

The Minister will personally congratulate the Hon. Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer and the Minister for Police, National Security and Correctional Services.

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