Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. Photo credit: BBC.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. Photo credit: BBC.

Solomon Islands will celebrate her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second’s birthday tomorrow, Friday 13th June.

Celebrations will be held at the Lawson Tama Stadium in Honiara and will kick off with a parade at 8am.

The Queen’s actual birthday falls on April 12th, but commonwealth countries commemorate her official birthday generally around the end of May to the start of June.

Meanwhile, fifteen people including two women will receive the Queen’s Birthday honors and awards tomorrow.

The Office of the Governor General this morning confirmed the names of the awardees.

Takahiro Kitano will receive the Commander of the British Empire, CBE, award, for service to the economy in the development of infrastructure and tourism.

Three people will receive the Officer of the British Empire, OBE, award, Ted Nelson Kohia Aherai for service to the development of art works, music, and community leadership, Robert Au Nama- for services to the arts, and Joe Poraiwai- for public service.

Five people will receive the Member of the British Empire, MBE, award, the late Dick Daoleni – for services to Politics in both national and local, the private sector and the community, Kenneth John Grossmith – for services to architecture and the community, Mathew Edward Maefai for services to the Public service, Ishmael Idu Misalo – for services to the Church and the community and Abraham Eke – for services to football and business.

Five people will receive the British Empire Medal, BEM, award, the late Nemuel Laufilu – for services to the Church, Education and Rehabilitation, Ms Patricia Sabana Mae Dallu – for services to the development of the private sector, the community, the Church and women organizations, Honiara City Mayor Andrew Mua – for services to the public service, community and Politics, George Winston Suri – for services to the community and politics and Mrs Heather Pana – for services to the health sector.

The Queen’s Police Medal will be awarded to Alfred Uiga in recognition for his services to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force.

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