Ministry of Health at the 7th Annual Health Financing Forum and Joint Learning Network

Ministry of Health at the 7th Annual Health Financing Forum and Joint Learning Network

Ministry of Health officials recently participated at two global events namely the 7th Annual Health Financing Forum (AHFF) and the Joint Learning Network (JLN) that were recently held in Washington DC between the 15th and 19th April 2024.

The forums brought together and united selected health officials and financing experts worldwide involved in health financing to deliberate on sustainable financing strategies post COVID-19.

Renowned for its role as a distinctive platform, the AHFF facilitated extensive dialogue among policy makers, practitioners, academics, and experts, and enabled the exchange of the latest scientific insights and country-specific experiences in formulating, implementing, and advancing health financing policies.

Drawing hundreds of officials from Ministries of Finance and Health of low and middle-income nations, alongside representatives from bilateral and multilateral institutions, the private sector, civil society, and academia, the AHFF serves as a platform for practical and aspirational exchanges.

Attendees engage in discussions that provide practical insights and inspire fresh thinking to enhance their work in health budgeting, economics and financing. More than 150 participants from around the globe were in attendance at the recent forum, with over 500 individuals having tuned in for the forum.

The AHFF as held back to back with the Joint Learning Network (JLN), an initiative to progress Universal Health Coverage, through dialogues, sharing of experiences and products.  As it stands, there are about 23 members to the Initiative and Solomon Islands is the only country in the Pacific that has just been recently added as a new member to the JLN initiative.

Taking the opportunity at the recent global platforms, the MHMS officials had had the privilege in meeting the Practice Manager of the East Asia Pacific, Dr Ronald Mutasa and conveyed the Ministry’s appreciation to the World Bank’s line of assistance and support in the health sector particularly during COVID-19 and ongoing support on health systems strengthening through its current project.

At that meeting, the Permanent Secretary reinforced the importance of close partnership between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Finance on health financing to progress universal health coverage at country level.

Representing the Ministry of Health to the recent AHFF and the Joint Learning Network Forums was the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Mrs. Pauline McNeil, who also participated in one of the panel discussions at the AHFF.

The Permanent Secretary was accompanied by her Chief Planning and Policy Officer, Mr Brian Idufanoa, and Mr Wayne Irava, World Bank Health Specialist based in Honiara.


– MHMS Press Release

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