More scholarship for SINU next year


The SINU official logo. Photo credit: SINU.

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources is planning on offering more in-country scholarships starting next year.

Permanent Secretary Dr Franco Rodie made the assurance during the Public Accounts Committee hearing yesterday.

Dr Rodie said the Ministry will be allocating 50 percent of government scholarships to Solomon Islands National University and the other half to overseas tertiary institutions.

He said this was part of the government’s cost cutting measure in keeping students in the country and promoting SINU’s programs.

Dr Rodie also said it was the first time the Ministry had implemented the revised scholarships policy, and that this policy direction was beneficial for the country.

“There is a clear direction to establish policies to train most of our students in our country,” he said.

“Unless if there is something special based on our labor market demand, then of course we will send students overseas.”

SIBC understands 500 government scholarships were awarded this year for in-country and overseas tertiary institutions.

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