Mormonism. Photo credit:

Mormonism. Photo credit:

The Church of Christ of the Latter Day Saints has organized a two-day public tour of its new Church meeting house at Talise, Central Honiara over the weekend.

The tour aims to protect the church from negative views and opinions by providing information to the public.

Church Second Councilor Dickson Koke told SIBC News, the visit was a great opportunity to explore the church’s reality, ordinances and daily programs.

“This opportunity was to show the people to become witnesses of the reality of Mormons or how Mormons are doing their activities or how they are going about their church ordinances, so this is the main idea that we try to expose to the rest of the Solomon Islands public since it’s new and that’s why we would like to use this opportunity to get people to come along and witness firsthand and also be the first to be informed about the church’s daily activities throughout the world.”

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