Mother charged for concealing birth


The death of a newborn baby in Ranongga area, Western Province has sparked police investigations.

Police Commissioner, Matthew Varley told his first weekly media conference for 2019 yesterday.

Commissioner Varley said the newborn baby was allegedly killed by the mother through blows to the head.

“It’s alleged that a newborn baby was born around about New Year’s Day and it seems that the allegation is the mother of the newborn baby has then killed the infant through blows to the infant’s head.

“At this stage the investigation is still continuing, the mother has been arrested by police yesterday and is likely to face court very soon.

“Obviously this is a tragic case and a very sad case and we still need to get to the bottom of what happened and I’d urge people to not take matters into their own hands”.

He said police are calling for any witnesses to come forward and assist with their investigations.

“We’re also appealing for witnesses or any other people in the community who may have knowledge of this incidents in Western Province to come forward to local police and assist us with our inquiries so that we can continue these cases.

“I can’t go into too much more detail of those yet because they are still pretty fresh but we’ll keep you updated on in due course”.

The mother was charged for concealing birth.

By: Rickson J Bau


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