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Police Commissioner Mathew Varley

A 26-year-old male has died yesterday after he was allegedly attacked with a knife by his drinking partner at Ranadi in Honiara.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley told journalists today that the deceased is believed to be part Malaita and Temotu.

Commissioner Varley said the deceased and the suspect were sharing some beers together when they got into an argument.

“It was alleged that the deceased struck the suspect in the face. As a result the suspect it was alleged further, then collected a knife from the nearby premises and chased down the deceased man and stabbed him in the back.

“Relatives took the deceased to the National Referral Hospital where he died a short time later.”

Mr. Varley said police arrested the 19 year old male suspect last night and he is currently in custody.

Meanwhile,  22-year-old male person died in Vella La Vella Western Province, after he was struck with a pinch bar.

Western Province Police are investigating the incident which occurred at Buleana Village the day before New Year’s Eve.

Provincial Police Commander for Western Province, Chief Superintendent Mathias Lenialu said the murder suspect allegedly landed a pinch bar on the deceased’s right rib, and the deceased died instantly.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley told his first media conference for 2019 today it appeared the two men have been enemies for sometime.

“On the 19th of December the deceased man was actually charged by police and arrested in relation to damaging the suspect’s house and this appears to be some sort of retaliation type case.

“The suspect for this murder is yet to be arrested and it’s alleged that he has evaded police when police arrived at the village.

“Obviously our investigations are ongoing and we have deployed additional resources to that area and that case. But we are appealing to the community, to leaders and to the suspect himself to come forward and surrender to police so that we can investigate the case fully”.

In Guadalcanal, Police arrested a 33-year-old male on 28 December 2018 at Sun Valley area in Central Guadalcanal for assisting in an attempted rape of a 20-year-old girl.

Provincial Police Commander for Guadalcanal Province, Chief Superintendent Evelyn Thugea said officers responded to a report of an alleged attempt rape at Sun-Valley area late evening on 28 December 2018 and arrested a taxi driver who assisted another person with the alleged offence.

She said the incident occurred when three females were travelling in a car with another two male persons (driver and passenger) who later allegedly asked the two females to have sex. They refused and planned to escape.

The victim asked the driver to stop the car and told the two girls to follow her. They all escaped into the bush.

A statement from Police Media says the two men drove ahead and blocked the main road with the car.

The trio without realizing the blockade ran into the main road where the suspect grabbed the victim into the bush and allegedly struggled to have sexual intercourse with her.

Meanwhile, the other two girls escaped and managed to stop a taxi. They called in at the Henderson Police Station for assistance.

PPC Thugea said police officers quickly responded to the incident. They located the female victim and transported her to the station.

Police arrested the taxi driver, but the prime suspect escaped upon their arrival at the scene.

PPC Thugea said it is an offence to force any person to have sexual intercourse with them and appeal for people to respect others.

She said rape and attempted rape are serious offences that carry a maximum penalty of life imprisonment if a person is found guilty on any of the offences.

She appealed to members of Sun Valley community and travelling people around the area to assist the police with information.

The man was charged with Aids and Abets of Attempt Rape of the victim, and appeared before the Honiara Magistrate Court on 31 December 2018.

Investigation into this matter is continuing.




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