Mother under investigation after body of infant found


RSIPF logo. Photo: RSIPF Press.

Police are investigating the death of an infant in the Guadalcanal Plains area of North Guadalcanal on Monday.

Police say the body was found across from the GPPOL 2 clinic and was brought in for examination but found to be deceased.

Police Commissioner Matthew Varley said the mother of the infant had been identified but has not yet been charged.

Mr Varley said investigations were  ongoing and police were working with the mother and other key witnesses to establish facts on the cause of death.

Commissioner Varley said medical examinations of the body were completed yesterday, and police are waiting for medical reports on the cause of death.

“I don’t want to comment more on the actual circumstances of that case because we are still investigating, and we cant reveal the name of the mother for obvious reasons,” he said.

“At this point of time we are still working with her and other witnesses, and what we want is for any people who may have information regarding the case to come forward to Police.”

A burial ceremony for the infant was held yesterday.


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