Muria says, Gov’t Commits to Paying SBD32.4m Owed to LSL

Government will settle the SBD32.4 million owed to Leavers Solomon Limited (LSL) as ordered by the High Court. 

Attorney General John Muria Jnr confirmed this to the local media during a media conference yesterday. 

Attorney General John Muria Junior

Mr Muria made the comments following media reports stating that the government refused to pay up the sum of money owed to LSL.

As we all know judgment debt which court has handed down is SBD32.4 million and as reported, yes the government is in contact with Leavers Solomon and we have been through discussions on how best to settle the issue, now it is to be made clear that the government at no point in time has it said it will not payout the amount ordered by the court.  

Mr Muria said the government was initially ordered to pay SBD50 million but this was reduced to SBD32.4 million after government tax on LSL was applied on the payment. 

What came before the court in the last case was the tax component of the issue to which the court has agreed to and it has removed the tax component that is tax that LSL owes to the government,” Mr Muria said. 

He added discussions held with LSL on Tuesday saw both parties agree on a settlement approach.  

The payment is related to the land at Hell’s point, east of the Henderson airport. 

By Sharon Nanau 


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