Education logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

Education logo. Photo credit: SIBC.

The 21st National Oratory speech contest for Solomon Islands schools is again set for next Thursday at the Maranatha Hall, East Honiara.

Chair of the English Panel of Solomon Islands Mr. Peter Stanley told SIBC News, the event is usually organised for both primary and secondary school students.

Mr. Stanley says, participating students this year will compete in the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior categories.

Participants will come from provincial-based and Honiara schools.

He emphasizes the speech criteria.

“We will award marks according to how the speakers prepared his or her speech and then we will look at the content, the ideas that are in the speech, we will look at the voice like the voice quality whether it’s monotonous or it has a balanced variety then we’ll also look at the language used; how the student used the English language to advocate and finally, they will speak to the time.”

Attractive awards await winners.

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