MAL PS Mr. Jimi Saelea and FAO Sub Regional Coordinator and FAO Representative for Solomon Islands Ms. Eriko Hibi. Photo credit: MAL.

                                                MAL PS Mr. Jimi Saelea and FAO Sub-Regional Coordinator and FAO Representative for Solomon Islands Ms. Eriko Hibi. Photo credit: MAL.

A new agriculture project “Strengthening the capacity of farmers and vendors to supply nutritious food crops,” is ready to be implemented, thanks to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (UNFAO).

This follows the project signing by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Jimi Saelea and the FAO Sub-Regional Coordinator Eriko Hibi in Honiara last week.

The million dollar project will be implemented in selected sites on Guadalcanal, Temotu, and Malaita provinces.

The two years project aims to address the areas of strengthening the institutional capacity of farmers’ groups and organisations, enhance farm productivity and adaptation of improved production practices, enhance market linkages of farmers’ organisations to potential buyers or contracts such as school canteens, street and school food vendors, hotels, and restaurants.

Permanent Secretary Saelea said after the signing, he is very pleased that FAO has responded favorably to assist the Ministry and other stakeholders address the very important issue of food nutrition in as far as locally produced and processed foods are concerned.

He adds the project will also look at capacity building for farmers and farmer groups to supply nutritious food products to market vendors and schools to ensure nutritious meals are provided to students.

A Government statement reports, Ms. Eriko Hibi was delighted to have signed the project alongside Mr. Saelea and pledged her full support and commitment to see the successful implementation of the project.

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