Cocoa pods ready for harvest. Photo credit: New Mail.

Cocoa pods ready for harvest. Photo credit: New Mail.

Twenty-six year old Elsie Wota from North Guadalcanal has won the chocolate competition in the Cocoa and chocolate week.

Elsie’s cocoa bean samples beat out nine other samples and grabbed the top award.

It was a thrilling moment for Elsie when she was announced the top winner today.

She told SIBC News she has already made contacts with some overseas buyers.

“They came to our home yesterday so we went to visit in my farm and they were so happy to see my farm and also witnessed cocoa beans I have at home, so they told me to come down to the show the next day, which now I am attending and I am so happy in heart.”

Elsie took home ten thousand dollars as first prize winner.

The second place went to Agnes Pilopaso and the third place went to Blase Sekovae, both from Guadalcanal.

Agnes received eight thousand and Blase five thousand dollars respectively.

The Cocoa and Chocolate week concludes today.

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