New Footpath for Honiara High School.


Students and staff of Honiara High School (HHS) in Central Honiara will soon enjoy walking on  a new footpath.

Last section of the footpath to be completed.

Supported by the Community Access and Urban Services Enhancement (CAUSE) Project for Solomon Islands, the footpath is currently being constructed by individuals residing near the school who have also been trained by the project.

Prior to the construction of the footpath, students and staff have faced a lot of challenges walking on the muddy field especially during rainy season.

This new development is expected to create a positive impact for the school.

HHS Teacher Ms. Roselyn Toliliu said the footpath will also improve cleanliness in the classroom as most times mud is taken into the classroom.

She said it will also improve lateness and attendance of students.

Miss Toliliu also acknowledged the workers and CAUSE Project for the projects implementation.

CAUSE is a government program which is funded by the World Bank and the Australian Government, through the Papua New Guinea and Pacific Islands Umbrella Facility (PPIUF) Multi-Donor Trust Fund.


– CAUSE Project

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