West Kwara’ae By-Election set for May 24th

By-Election Date for West Kwara’ae Constituency is set for the 24th of May 2023.
Operations Manager, Mr. Fredrick Bosoboe revealed this date after publication of the Election Date notice in the Gazette yesterday, 28th March 2023.
In the election law, this gazette notice legally commences the candidate’s nomination period starting today 29th March 2023, for a 14 day period”, Mr. Bosoboe said.

Gazette notice of the West Kwara’ae By-election.

All intending candidates have until the 12th of April 2023 to physically do their nomination with the appointed Returning Officer, Mr. Pearson Simi, for the by-election. The nomination center is at Buma Village in the West Kwara’ae Constituency.
Nomination forms have to be filled up electronically therefore require intending candidates to do their nomination physically and turn up at the nomination center so that their photos can be captured to be printed on the ballot paper.
Fredrick Bosoboe reminds candidates that intending candidates are to adhere to nomination requirements to avoid disqualification.
The Commission had also endorsed the use of the 2019 voter list for this by-election, since no voter registration update was made.
“An intending candidate must be nominated by 3 registered voters who are registered and reside in the constituency where the candidate wants to stand, must be a registered voter for the constituency he/she intends to run for, must pay a non-refundable nomination fee of 5,000, must have resigned from his/her job if he/she is a public servant, must not be involved in any work in relation to the conduct of voter registration within the last 12 months, and must file his/her nomination with the Returning Officer before close of the nomination period,” Mr. Bosoboe explains.
He added that a candidate who represents a political party along section 65 of the Electoral Act must submit along with his/her nomination application form, a letter from the registrar of the office of political party commission certifying that; he/she is a registered member of the political party for which he/she seeks nomination for and that he/she is a party candidate.
Mr. Bosoboe calls on all intending candidates to note that, all nominations must be done by 4 pm Wednesday 12th of April 2023.
The Operation Manager further explained that the election campaign period also commences after the publication of the election date notice.
“Along section 62, It must end 24 hours before the polling day.”
Mr. Bosoboe said that the law remains the same and therefore, the penalties for breaching these election offenses remain unchanged. He appealed to all good voters of West Kwara’ae Constituency to continue to support the election process towards polling day.
The Electoral Commission would like to acknowledge West Kwara’ae Constituents for your understanding and patience as it gears towards conducting the by-election.
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