The new Telekom tower. Photo credit: SIBC.

The new Telekom tower. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Solomon Telekom Company will officially launch its newly installed satellite tower at Leitongo Village in Ngella, Central Province this Thursday.

Solomon Telekom’s Public Relation Officer Mr. Lawrence Nodua says, it is one of Telekom’s tallest tower’s – 75 meters tall.

He says Leitongo area has a number of tourism and fisheries activities so it is strategic location for communication access.

“This tower will be very helpful especially in the Central Islands because that part of the country is a tourist destination especially the Sunfly passage and as we can witness there are resorts there like the Nuvu resort, Mravagi, Mbike. All these are located within the vicinity of this tower, hence it will boost tourism activities there.”

Mr. Nodua says the tower will cover Sandfly-Buena Vesta and parts of big Ngella.

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