Women-Led Community Enterprise in Western Province Produces Body Lotion and Soap from Sustainably Harvested Sea Grapes

Women-Led Community Enterprise in Western Province Produces Body Lotion and Soap from Sustainably Harvested Sea Grapes


In a ground breaking initiative, women from four communities in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands have launched a new line of body lotion and soap made from sustainably harvested sea grapes.

This project, which has been in development for the past few months, aims to improve the management of sea grape ecosystems and also enhance the livelihoods of local women.

Henry Kaniki, WWF-Solomon Island’s Conservation Program Manager, highlighted the importance of this initiative, stating, “This project not only promotes sustainable harvesting practices but also empowers women to generate substantial household income. By improving the management of sea grapes and related ecosystems such as mangroves, we are enhancing climate resilience and supporting the economic stability of these communities.”

Right _ Henry Kaniki _WWFSI Conservation Program Manager _ Middle _ Hon Premier Billy Veo _ Deputy PS Collin Potakana

The communities involved the communities of Kongulavata, Sairagi, Boboe, and Pusiju who have been actively engaged in developing sustainable management plans for their local reefs, sea grapes, and mangrove ecosystems. These efforts have included integrating traditional practices with scientific data to ensure the health and sustainability of their marine resources. The communities have also been working to add value to their sea grapes by transforming them into other products, including soap and lotion.

Nerolyn Lori, a female Community Facilitator from Sairagi, expressed her excitement about the project, stating, “The value-adding training has been an eye-opener for me. I look forward to implementing this knowledge into our local products. This initiative not only boosts our income but also strengthens our community’s commitment to sustainable practices.”

Women displaying their products during todays launch.

This project is supported by Climate Resilient by Nature (CRxN), an Australian Government initiative in partnership with WWF-Australia. CRxN supports nature-based solutions that restore and protect critical ecosystems, build sustainable livelihoods, and increase resilience to climate shocks.

The products, which include jasmine, eucalyptus, and peppermint sea grape body lotion, as well as sea grape soap, will be available for purchase starting May 23rd. The launch event in Gizo took place at MSG building and featured speeches from key stakeholders including the community, provincial ministers and representatives from various divisions and organizations, as well as entertainment.

Body lotions displayed at the launch.

This initiative is not only about economic development but also about documenting and sharing best practices. For the first time, the processes of managing, harvesting, processing, and adding value to sea grapes are being documented in a manual and video. These resources aim to disseminate knowledge and successful practices to other communities across the Solomon Islands and the broader region.



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