White River Working Committee aims to empower women

White River Working Committee aims to empower women


Empowering women with knowledge is a priority for  the White River Working Committee in West Honiara.

The sub-committee for women held its first fortnightly awareness session yesterday evening at the White River Police Station, under the topic “Understanding Emotions”.

Facilitating the program was long-time White River resident, Mayleen Sese, who is a counselor by profession.

Known as the “South Pacific in Honiara” to locals, Ms. Sese emphasized that managing emotions is a key driver that can influence positive change in a culturally and ethnically diverse neighbourhood setting.  

She added, enabling women to identify, express and harness their emotions was the main goal of her presentation.

 “Feelings are very important, and when not managed properly it can affect us, our families and our communities… Therefore, the first step to positive change would be to properly manage our emotions,” she explained.

Ms. Sese hopes that the principles of good emotional management shared in the session will enable women to maintain healthy relationships, maintain positivity, improve feelings of self-worth, and influence them to be positive change makers within their homes and community.  

“Women can be change-makers through upbringing and behaviour shown to children. If you equip a mother, you equip the community.”

She encouraged women and all of society to encourage and support each other to ensure everyone feels better, loved and secure.

Meanwhile, Leader for Women’s sub-committee, Justina Olifaedili said, the awareness program aims to bring all women in the community together to share ideas on positive practices.

“It’s good for women in our community to understand each other because we are often busy with our own duties, so these programs are very helpful,” she explained.

Ms. Olifaedili assured that more awareness sessions covering a variety of topics will be held soon. 


By Andea Ma’ahanua

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