No confidence motion against Prime Minister set for December 6


The motion of no confidence against embattled Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has been set for December 6, 2021. 

Adjourning parliament this morning, Mr Sogavare said the parliament’s adjournment is to enable the government to finalize work on the 2022 Appropriation Bill 2021 which deals with governments budget, and allow the opposition group to move the motion of no confidence in parliament. 

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare

Speaker of Parliament Sir Patterson Oti told parliament yesterday that the opposition group has filed a motion of no confidence against the prime minister on the 28th of November. 

A motion of no confidence against the prime minister has been put on notice and is now set down on the business paper. According to Section 52 of the Constitution a motion of no confidence on the prime minister requires a seven clear days’ notice and since the office of the clerk has published the notice on Sunday 28th November 2021, it will mature on Sunday 5th December 2021.” 

The motion of no confidence was filed by the opposition leader Matthew Wale following last week’s civil unrest.         

Speaking in parliament today Prime Minister Sogavare said he welcomes the motion of no confidence filed by the opposition leader. 

Sogavare calls on the opposition leader to let the democratic process take its course following reports of protesters threatening members of parliament.

According to our intel, protesters are threatening MP’s lives and their properties, they’ve also done it to me, it is this parliament that has voted me in and this parliament now will vote me out when it comes to the confidence of this government. We proved that yesterday by passing the Motion to Approve Authorization of Expenditure in Advance of Appropriation yesterday.”    

Sogavare said the opposition leader must call on his people to stop the ongoing illegal activities.

We must come and solve all these issues that he has with the government in parliament,” the Prime Minister said. 

Opposition leader Wale last week announced that he is filing a motion of no confidence on Sunday, 28 November 2021.

Wale said he still does not have the numbers for the motion to pass, after only three resignations from Sogavare’s government so far.

SIBC News understands that four government MPs have resigned from the Sogavare-led DCGA government.

The confirmed MPs who have tendered their resignations are MP for West New Georgia Vona Vona, Silas Tausinga, North Malaita MP Levi Senley Filualea, Malaita Outer Islands, Martin Kealoe and MP for Central Kwara’ae  Jackson Fiulaua.

This means 10 more MPs are required by Wale for the motion of no confidence to succeed. 

However, Wale said, the notice clearly seeks a political solution to the current situation.

Wale said the situation the country has gone through last week resulted in great loss and suffering for our nation, especially in Honiara.

Wale adds, no one in Honiara is spared the suffering and loss caused by the tragic events of the past few days. 

Mr Wale believes, without a political solution the tragic situation will remain despite foreign intervention to regain control and maintain law and order in Honiara. 

Wale has also denied reports that he was one of the masterminds behind the civil unrest seen throughout the capital in the last three days.

By Sharon Nanau

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