NRH Services on Emergency Mode during election period

NRH Services on Emergency Mode during election period

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) Executive along with the National Referral Hospital (NRH) management and clinical heads of the department are calling on the public to be mindful in ensuring they are safe and risk-free during the current election period.

It is unavoidable that services at the hospital will be on emergency mode only from the 15th to the 22nd of April, which is  before, during and post post-elections.

Around 382 staff have indicated they are travelling to their respective provincial polling stations to cast their ballots. The staff will be travelling as far as from Choiseul and Temotu Province.

The proposed hospital care during the joint elections on 17th April General Election period will be in Emergency Mode.

Services are as follows;

  1. The Emergency department will only receive very sick, accidents and emergency referrals only.
  2. There will be no usual outpatient services at the NRH, so the public is advised to go to their nearest clinic to seek medical attention.
  3. The operating theatre will be skeletally staffed and will respond to emergency surgeries and procedures only.
  4. Inpatients services will continue and the discharge of all low-risks patients may happen.
  5. Referral and review bookings will resume the following week from 21st
  6. Medical laboratory diagnostics services will open for emergency cases only including the blood bank.
  7. There will be no day care clinics. All day care clinics will temporarily deferred.
  8. However, minimal skeletal staffing will remain to carry out and maintain the following day clinics ;
    1. High risk clinic for antenatal mothers;
    2. Diabetic dressings at the diabetic centre with minimal staff on the rota).
  9. Ear Nose and Throat care services will be emergency only.

Dental services will be minimal.

The nursing shifts will be activated for 12 hourly starting 16th April. Redistribution of (Honiara) staff from day clinics into inpatient rota. Nurse Managers are to review all rota for the downtime period. Restricted days of absence to 7 days only. Beyond that will be deducted from leave days or staff will be disciplined.

Number to call during day time only, if in need.

Switch board 44000 (24 hours)

Diabetic Clinic 44081

Referral Clinic; 44078/ 44079/ 44080

Gynae/ Antenatal 44088/44087/ 44085

Dental Clinic 23659

ENT (use 44000)

Meanwhile, Ministry of Health kindly calls on to SIEC to prioritize health workers and hospital staff during polling day. All NRH staff are encouraged to wear your uniform during the polling day.


– MHMS Press Release

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