SIMA: Do not board any vessel already in full capacity if wish to travel to vote

SIMA: Do not board any vessel already in full capacity if wish to travel to vote

By Fredrick Kusu

As the 17 April joint election is edging closer, there is a huge movement of voters to the provinces to cast their votes.

Election is another time beside festive seasons where most people, especially voters travel by sea in huge numbers to their respective constituencies to cast their votes. 

Amidst all the rush to reach constituencies, the Solomon Islands Maritime Authority (SIMA) is advising the public to adhere to sea safety messages and not to board any vessel that is already in full capacity.

This is to avoid the risk associated with sea accidents.

SIMA Director Thierry Nervale said it is important that people wishing to travel by sea to vote in the election to plan their travel so that they could find spaces within vessels.

“Vessels have certain capacity for cargoes and passengers and could sink at any time if they are overloaded.” 

SIMA has taken the issue of sea safety seriously and has been carrying vessel checks for about 3 months already.

Inspections have been carried on vessels to determine their loading capacities before embarking on any trip to the provinces. This includes the number of passengers and the weight of cargoes a vessel can carry.

“Vessel inspectors are on the ground to inspect vessels departing Honiara to make sure their loading capacity is safe.”

The SIMA Director calls on all vessel operators to work together with SIMA to ensure passengers traveling at sea to vote in the joint election.



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