NZ Air Force to carry out air surveillance across Solomon Islands EEZ

Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr. Jimmie Rodgers

The New Zealand Air Force will make a full air surveillance over the Solomon Islands Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) this week.

The air force will arrive in the country tomorrow, following a request by Royal Solomon Islands Police Force through the National Government.

This is following people from Eastern and Southern Borders concerned that the government spends more resources on the Western Border.

Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr. Jimmy Rogers confirmed during a radio talkback show today.

“Tomorrow, the New Zealand Air Force will arrive in the country to do the first full surveillance over our EEZ. Over the next three day, they will fly over the entire country’s EEZ.”

He said, Forum Fisheries Agency’s air surveillance team will also flying over the country’s EEZ to monitor the borders.

“Later, probably after two weeks, the FFA surveillance team will also carry out the same surveillance work over our EEZ. This will help us with monitoring and surveillance work across the country.”

Dr. Rogers calls on all citizens to stay calm and not fear if they see new aircrafts hovering over the county.

The Solomon Islands has an EEZ area of 1 340 000km2 Square kilometers.

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