The Court of Arms. Photo credit: Solomon Islands Government.

The Court of Arms. Photo credit: Solomon Islands Government.

The Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC) has refuted claims by the Parliamentary Opposition; that the development projects earmarked for Malaita Province by the Democratic Coalition for Change (DCC) Government are mere propaganda.

In a statement, the OPMC said the Opposition Leader’s claim is nothing but desperate attempts to discredit Government efforts to implement its policy projects for the province and ensure progress, than mere political rhetoric.

It said such unfounded claims are a clear manifestation of politicizing important issues by the Opposition Group to garner public support for political agendas.

The statement said since the 2015 budget was passed in April this year, the DCC Government has commenced the groundwork for all the projects.

It said the Opposition is right in saying that the projects are important, but have failed to realize that the successful implementation of any project in Malaita and elsewhere requires the collective support of all landowners, hence the importance of consultations.

Meanwhile, the OPMC called on the Opposition Leader to refrain from making unrealistic statements as no project can be implemented without the consent and collective support of all landowning groups.

It adds the Opposition Leader should encourage landowners to sort out their land differences instead of falsely accusing the Government of doing nothing.

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