Opposition acknowledge visit to PG 2023 stadium facilities

Former Prime Minister Hon Rick Houenipwela has spoken highly of the Pacific Games 2023 facilities during a visit this week.

Hon Houenipwela, Ambassador Li Ming and Opposition MP Hon Bodo Dettke at the stadium

Hon Houenipwela led a small group of Opposition Group members to visit the Pacific Games facilities upon the initiation of the Chinese embassy.

The Opposition team were toured around the PG 2023 National Stadium facility by the Chinese Ambassador Li Ming and his officials.

Hon Houenipwela thanked Ambassador Li Ming for the invitation and also spoke highly of the state of the art facilities.

He said the facilities would come a long way in providing better facilities for our athletes in Solomon Islands.

The Small Malaita MP has also acknowledged the commitment by PRC to invest in sports in the country.

Sports unites us as a country,” he said.

Hon Houenipwela said it is valuable partnership towards the development of sports and athletes in the country.

Hon Houenipwela whilst thanking PRC said the onus is now on the Government and the National Hosting Authority, and proper mechanisms must be in place to ensure the facilities would be put to good use and it is maintained.

Ambassador Li Ming said has expressed welcome to the Opposition Group members for taking time to visit the facilities.

Mr Li Ming said PRC is honoured to support Solomon Islands towards the PG 2023.


-Opposition Press Release

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