Special Secretary to Prime Minister Rence Sore. Photo credit:

Special Secretary to Prime Minister Rence Sore. Photo credit:

The Parliamentary Opposition Group has described the response by the Secretary to Prime Minister Joseph Waleanisia in defending the Special Secretary to Prime Minister Rence Sore as ‘lame’ and ‘childish’.

This follows Mr Waleanisia’s media statement on Wednesday this week to explain and defend the SSPM’s hiring of a room at Rock Haven purposely to write the Prime Minister’s independence speech.

In a statement to the National Broadcaster, the opposition said this is a lame excuse and funniest explanation one could ever imagine.

It questions, why the need to book a personal room for 27 days to write a speech.

The opposition said it is absurd and only goes to demonstrate yet again how insensitive and careless Mr Sore has been.

Meanwhile, the Opposition said the call made by the SPM and SSPM for the media to make a public apology is pointless.

It questions the logic behind the call when all the documents are in black and white and published clearly in the media.

The opposition believes, the SSPM should stead apologize to this country’s people for misleading and expending thousands of dollars at the expense of taxpayers.

The Parliamentary Opposition reiterates – whilst these serious malpractices continue to be unabated, the Prime Minister and senior members in DCCG have chosen to remain silent.

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