Anti Corruption bill could affect ‘Kastom’: Maelanga


Leader of the Opposition Manasseh Maelanga. Photo credit: GCU.

Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition Group and Member of Parliament for East Malaita Constituency, Honorable Manasseh Maelanga says local customary practices must be considered in the Anti Corruption Bill 2017.

Hon Maelanga said in his debate on the Anti Corruption Bill 2017, local  traditional cultures and customs cannot be separated from the Anti Corruption legislation.

Maelanga added, omitting indigenous cultures and customs in the new legislation was considered disrespectful and opening the floodgate to foreign cultures.

“If we remove from here, then we are not respecting our culture,” he said.

“During my election campaigns, and if I continue to talk until evening and I don’t feed the people, then I would be considered an unkind person, In our culture when we invite people, we have to do something.”

Meanwhile, Maelanga called on the current and future governments to ensure all institutions implementing the Anti Corruption legislation are financially independent.

By: Charlie Salini.

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