Official Court of Arms. Photo credit: Solomon Islands Government.

Official Court of Arms. Photo credit: Solomon Islands Government.

The Parliamentary Opposition Group has described the statement by the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC) regarding the Red House as disrespectful and belittling the Speaker of Parliament.

The Opposition Group was referring to the OPMC statement which quoted the Ministry of Infrastructure Permanent Secretary Henry Murray stating that the Red House is run-down and unfit for occupation by any top leader.

It questions why to force the Speaker to reside in the run-down residence if it is unfit for occupation.

It further says the Speaker is also the chairman of the electoral commission the highest democratic body in the country and also the deputy Governor General apart from his position as the Speaker of Parliament.

The Opposition says this is a dishonorable statement from OPMC and MID.

It adds the previous Prime Minister has left the house in very good condition and the current Speaker could have not survived the past 15 months if the state of the residence was truly unfit for occupation.

The Opposition Group says all the talks of demolition and building of a new official residence for the Prime Minister are long term plans which at the end of the day was only to allow the Prime Minister to reside in his private residence at the expense of taxpayers for the duration of his four-year term.

It adds, attempts by OPMC and P.S MID to explain this issue only make themselves look foolish.

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