Hon. David Dei Pacha. Photo credit: SI Parliament.

Hon. David Dei Pacha. Photo credit: SI Parliament.

People of South Guadalcanal constituency have expressed grave concerns over their Member of Parliament’s failure to provide relief assistance following last month’s flooding.

South Guadalcanal’s Weathercoast is one of hardest-hit areas during the recent heavy rains which destroyed food gardens and water supply systems in the region.

South Guadalcanal people who reside in other parts of Guadalcanal including the Tina River Basin continue to suffer in view the Government’s recent approval and release of 300- Thousand through each MP to assist affected families in their constituencies.

Chiefs and Community leaders from South Guadalcanal have been calling on their MP David Day Pacha for assistance, but nothing has been forthcoming.

Spokesperson for the victims Mr Miseli Pituatu of Veratabao village, along the Tina River basin says, people are suffering from hunger, but calls on their MP have fallen on deaf ears.

He says Mr Pacha should know that the Government process of providing assistance is often slow because it depends on needs assessments and he has 300- Thousand at his disposal to provide immediate assistance to his people.

SIBC news, hopes to run a separate story on Mr Pacha’s response on this story.

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