Our first Special Olympics gold medal


June Wendy Rariha’i displaying her Gold Medal. Photo: Lisa Horiwapu.

Solomon Islands has snatched its first gold medal today in the Women’s 100 meter event at the Abu Dhabi Special Olympics World Games 2019.

June Wendy Rariha’i won gold while two Yemen athletes claim silver and bronze medals respectively.

It is the first time the country has ever participated in this new World Games tournament.

June said, it is an unexpected big achievement for her.

She is happy to be part of the games because it helps her realise that someone like her has a games platform to showcase her potential in sports.

Head of the Delegation who is also the Founding Chair of Special Olympics Solomon Islands, Mrs Lisa Horiwapu said the gold medal at the world stage is history in the making.

Mrs. Horiwapu said, the three athletes participating in the games now become the first Special Olympians from Solomon Islands. That in itself is an achievement, let alone winning a medal.

192 countries are attending the Abu Dhabi Special Olympics World Games 2019.

By : Leni Dalavera. 

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