OUR Party launches manifesto in Western province

OUR Party launches manifesto in Western province


Ahead of the highly anticipated National General Election scheduled for April 17, 2024, the Ownership, Unity, and Responsibility  (O.U.R)  Party yesterday unveiled its visionary manifesto and introduced its esteemed candidate for the Ranoga/Simbo Constituency during a landmark event. 

Communities of Lengana on Simbo and Koroivuku village on the island of Ranoga were the program hosts. 

The turnout was overwhelming with more than 500 supporters attending the Simbo manifesto launch and 600 plus converged at Ranoga to pledge their support and align themselves with OUR Party. 

Among prominent guests were the Caretaker Prime Minister and Parliamentary Wing Leader for the O.U.R Party, Manasseh Damukana Sogavare, Party President, Mr Jimson Tanangada and Party executives. 

OUR Party launching at Koriovuku, Ranoga. Candidate Ralph Joseph (closest to camera), Party wing leader and caretaker PM (centre) and Party President Tanangada

The gatherings exemplified the party’s commitment to democratic engagement and community representation.

At the heart of the O.U.R Party’s manifesto lies a comprehensive framework centred on the principles of Ownership, Unity, and Responsibility. Embodying the collective aspirations of the people, the manifesto outlines transformative policies aimed at fostering inclusive growth, social cohesion, and sustainable development.

Introducing the O.U.R Party’s candidate for the Ranoga/Simbo Constituency, Mr. Ralph Joseph the party reaffirms its dedication to effective leadership and accountable governance. With a focus on serving the constituents with integrity and empathy, the candidate embodies the core values of the party. 

Our Party supporters attending the manifesto launching at Ranoga

During the event, both the Parliamentary Wing Leader and Party President addressed concerns and dispelled misconceptions regarding recent discussions on the China switch, reaffirming the party’s steadfast commitment to national sovereignty and the welfare of its citizens. 

Both leaders also shared challenges the O.U.R Party led DCGA government faced which could have brought the government down but it did not, challenges such as the 2019 COVID19, 2021 riots and motion of no confidence.

As the nation prepares for the upcoming election, the O.U.R Party stands as a beacon of hope and progress, committed to realizing the collective aspirations of the people and building a brighter future for all.


OUR Party statement  

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