Gizo township. Photo credit: RAMSI.

Gizo township. Photo credit: RAMSI.

Gizo Kolombangara has a new MP-elect.

He is Jimson Fiau Tanangada. In his win, Mr Tanangada has unseated the current care-taker Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo.

The Returning Officer for Gizo-Kolombangara, Patrick Toiraena had announced the win after eleven pm last night.

“In accordance with Section 55 Subsection 1 of the National Parliament Electoral Act I Patrick Toireana Returning Officer for the Gizo Kolombangara Constituency hereby declare that Jimson Fiau Tanangada is the newly elected member of parliament for Gizo Kolombangara Constituency, thank you very much ladies and gentlemen.”

Also in the Western Province, newcomer John Dean Kuku won the North New Georgia seat. He unseated Job Duddley Tausinga, who had served the constituency for about eight terms.

Silas Vangara Tausinga has retained his seat in South New Georgia Vona Vona.

In South Vella La Vella, the incumbent Linol Alex has retained his seat, while in North Vella La Vella, the incumbent Milner Tozaka has also retained his seat.

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